The Sleeping Beauty Series

This series, Sleeping Beauty consists of images of women who are peaceful and beautiful. My friends and sexy women at night clubs inspired me to start this series in 2005. But recently, I am searching for my desires and definitions about what beautiful women mean to me.


We see beautiful objects or sceneries all the time around us. Objectively, I see pretty and beautiful women or men in the same way. People tend to get attracted to pretty objects in a superficial way and don't understand the depth of beauty. Recently, I have understood that visually beautiful women tend to be more confident with themselves, which gives them more alluring beauty. I found this observation very intriguing and wanted to capture images of those confident women.

The Sleeping Beauty Series is still my continuous quest to unwrap each female's beauty which seems to be hidden as if they were sleeping. I want to capture through my art, women who inspire me and whom I see through their own beauty.

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