The Leaves Series

"The art of Taiko Fujimura is created from dreams and memories that are funneled through her imagination. As a child, she was mesmerized by the leaves and branches dancing and swaying in the wind. Her tender child’s eyes saw the movements as dances and heard in the rustling of all of the forests as singing. She can still remember the magic that was present there and has learned to create work that combines the tender memory of her long ago innocence with her mature beliefs. In the Leaves Series, she uses the leaves as supporting players in a much larger world which is full of life, joy and energy. The trees are calmly standing, swaying and growing - witnessing our lives and representing eternity. The background is mysterious with hidden lights and energy that evoke the invisible and spiritual world in which we all live our lives. Special and subtly camouflaged drawings on some trees are surprises that Taiko sometimes includes in her work. These surprises can be easily missed, but if you stand quietly observing her work, you may find the very mischievous character of the artist." - Nancer LeMoins 2018

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