$20 Credit Certificate

$20 Credit Certificate

Dear Art Lovers:


Due to Covid-19, like many artists, I have suffered a loss of income. Because my three popular Open Studio events have been canceled in March and April, this Credit Certificate has been created with the hope that my current and prospecitve clients could invest in me now without meeting me in person. When this difficult time is over, I will be ready to work and meet with all of you in person to satisfy your art needs.


Please note that a fee of $0.70 is added to every $20 since I will have to pay for tansactions on this website. Alternatively, you can save $0.70 for every $20, please see 'note' below.


Thank you very much for your support.


Please stay safe and healthy!



Taiko Fujimura

April 2, 2020



Please make sure to read "TERMS & CONDITIONS" and "RETURN & RERUND POLICY" below before you purchase it.


In order for you to save $0.70 for every $20, please consider to use your Venmo account. Please send me the amount you would like to purchase plus tax 8.75% to my Venmo email address, taiko@taikofujimura.com. For instance, if you'd like to purchase $100 Credit Ceritificate, please send me $108.75 with your note, $100 Credit Certificate.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at taiko@taikofujimura.com, Thank you!


    - You can purchase this Credit Certificate as many as you like.

    - If you give this Credit Certificate to your family or friend, please let us know the name of the Credit Certificate holder. 

    - This Credit Certificate can be used towards the purchase of Taiko's art directly from her or towards an order of a commissioned work to her.

    - This Credit Certificate cannot be used towards the purchase of Taiko's art at any galleries or stores where represent her work.

    - This Credit Certificate expires on 12/31/2021. 


    All sales are final. No reurns or no refunds.